Thursday, May 7, 2009


So made this video a while back in german and posted here.. and i fianly got around to putting subtitles in..
i hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

School. and more

My classes are starting to write our finals now because the year is coming to the end. My school ends june 26, but since we have differnt classes everyday, we need to write all the finals now, because classes often fall out.
I have already written Religion, which i got a 3 in. im actually quite pleased. A 3 in the equivalent to a C. i wrote Bio today and i think that i either did well, or failed it. It could go either way.

Tomorrow i write english, and friday math. I hope english doesnt give me to much of a problem. Otherwise im in trouble.
As for math, our topic is Probability and Statistics. This theme understand i pretty good. As long as there arent too many surprises, ill do ok.

Next weekend, ill be heading somewhere and meeting with AFS. Ill see some people from my language course and im pretty pumped. Ill post some picturs

And i'll be home relatively soon! In under 70 days. I dont know what to think! Das ist doch wunderbar! ich sehe meine familie wieder! and then Aber nee! ich habe deutschland noch nicht voll erlebt!