Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinner when parents are out.

I haven't posted in a while but not much has been going on. I have been going to Language school everday and i still don't feel like i'm getting the language. Real school starts next monday and i'm reallly nervous about it.

On thursday when i was walking to school, two guys around 20 cornered me against a wall and started speaking rapid german to me. i told them i didn't speak much german and that i was from America (in german). One ended up being from California and the other from Utah. They're here in germany spreading the word of Mormon.....they said to stop by their "church" on the 3rd floor above a burger king to get a free book of mormon.....Seems legitimate.

I'm not sure if i have talked about this before but german breakfasts are amazing. There are 3 or 4 differnt kinds of bread to put cheese, meats, butter, peanutebutter, NUTELLA!. anything you want. Its amazing!

At the local Zoo

Sometime this week i will post a bunch of pictures of my host family, Aschersleben and other things. If i'm bored ( and need a distraction from studying german) ill make a video!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My host family enjoys golfing in the rain...

I don't.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I hate creating creative blog titles

Me-"So in Iceland, you talk down to women?"
Iceland Kid-"Yes....but then you don't get dinner."

I went on a run today and explored the woods of Aschersleben. People walked by me on multiple occasions. I gave up smiling and waving after the third time somone gave me a suspicious look. Apparently smiling too much is frowned upon in germany.....ohhhh the irony.

Aschersleben watchtower/oldwall!

oh yeah, i hate the german language. Why do you need 3 articles? There is no reason for it. except maybe to confuse foreigners.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Now that the high of "Wow! I'm in Germany!" has worn off, i cant stop worrying! What i'm mostly concerned about it the language. I feel like i'll never get the hang of it. I am on my 3rd day of my language class and i feel like i am not learning fast enough. The teacher is an idiot and only speaks in german. If you have a question, she answers it in german thus making me more confused and still no answer. And did you ever realize that a person has an average vocabulary of 40,000-50,000 words?!??! I have to learn every single one.l I start school in less than a month and i'm going to fail every class. Then i won't get credit for this year and i will have to repeat 10th grade. I almost want to go home.

My host brother Leo is probably the best teacher i have. He helps me with everything! He devotes about an hour a day helping me learn new words.

I wish American schools started teaching forein laguages in 2nd grade....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Don't let him get the olives!"

I had a 1 day at assateague.
"Don't let him get the olives!" - my dad

Hey guys. I'm in the house alone right now and ill be leaving in about an hour for my language class. Yesterdays class was alright. i learned a few thing but not as much as i would have liked to gotten accomplished in 3 hours... todays lesson is only 90 minutes though.

I get up every moring about 7:30 and i leaving at 10:30. it takes around 20 minutes to walk to the bahnhof(train station) and my train comes at 11:18. Its a 33 minute ride to halle and then a 10 minute walk to my class. I think its so awesome being able to walk/bike/take a train everywhere in germay. The public transportation system here is amazing.

Everynight since i have arrived in germany, Leo has helped me learn vocab. Its really useful and i have learned so many words just in the past few days. I cant create sentences yet though :(

My town from a ferris wheel.

Host sisters boyfriend and I on ferris wheel.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


The last few days have been very busy. i left on friday at 5:32 and arrived in gemany 9 hours later. the plane ride sucked, to say the least. Want to know the first words i heard from a german was?.....fucking americans! AFS enjoys being unorangized and we were just relxing in the middle of the airport when this phyco crazy german came running through us screamng that. it was an enlightening experience.

We then sat in the trainstation for about 12 hours(seriously) as other AFS countrys arrived. i met some cool kids from china, BraZil, Australia and even Italy. it was awesome. I took a few trains and finaly got to my host family. they had a sign saying my name and everything. They all speak english and are wicked cool. Leo ( my host brother) talks in an english accent (which everyone makes fun of him for) because he was in london for 10 days.

There was a festival going on in aschersleben which my host fmaily wanted me to go to. i was crazy tired because i had been up for like 36 hours but i went anyway. my rule for germany is never turn down an invitation.

Today i start my german language crash course. i have to walk to the train station *all alone!* and then take a train to halle. I start real school in a month.

German tomatoes?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

D.C (part 2)

I thought yesterdays excursions were bad but todays was even worst. We sat around doing skits with our groups. it was awful. but tomorrow we're going to germany!

Yesterday, i went with 2 other girls to thank our representative for sponsoring the CBYX scholarship. He wasn't there so we had it with an assistant. The meeting lasted about 2 minutes and then he invited us to the capital for a private tour. It was pretty sweet and resulted in our group having the coolest story.

After all the orientation today, we all had about 2 hours to kill before curfew. The adults highly suggested that we use our time wisely and make sure we had everything packed and get a good sleep. Although when you put 50 teenagers together, nothing like that ever works out. We had an intense singing party and many piles of kids in multiple halls. I will never understand why we did not get kicked out.

Quiet Coyote!

I probably won't be posting as much now that ill be in germany but ill try to get on here atleast once a week.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm sitting in my hotel room right now just being bored. I got into D.C yesterday and everyone here just tryed to get to know eachother.

Today was a busy day thoughh. it began with a wakeupcall at 6 A.M. which kind of sucked. We went to a bunch of places and heard alot of people speak. I didn't learn much and it was just a waste of time. Dinner was alright and my table and I had alot of fun with Tomatoes...................
I'm hoping that tomorrow is more eventful.