Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dresden Pictures

Eating a Pulverturm!

WAnderer who asked for some cash

Crazy Treppe

4000 Euro Porcelain Parrot

Zug der Konig

Frauen Kirche

Friday, April 17, 2009

On saturday, i drove to with Thomas and Leo to Hannover for the day. We saw a professional soccer game! It took about 2 hours to get up there. and it was an awesome day. The weather has been really great lately.

It was Hannover against Berlin. We didn't really care who won but i ended up rooting for Berlin because i bought i hat while i was there, so i had something to represent my team :)

A couple of goals, an amazing amount of yellow cards, and thousands of screaming fans laters, i left the stadium with my hat crumpled in my hand. Berlin had lost.

Anyyyyway. The atmosphere was great. It was alot of fun watching the game and just wathcing all the fans. Our side was primarily Berliners and when hannover had a cornerkick in our side, everyone starting screaming/giving the middle finger at him.
Im sad that i didnt have my camera. I would love to go see another game!

So i really want to do some traveling. I have been to hannover, berlin, frankfurt, and cologne. But i didnt see much of frankfurt. i definitely want to go back! And i would love to go to Munich! I want to see what its all about. I want to experience "typisch Deutschland" and see Bavaria! where lederhosen is the only type of clothing,where beer is easier to find than water,and where i cant understand a thing cause Ive never learned Bayerisch! ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have been in germany for 7 months.
Here are my thoughts at the moment...not really thoughts...just things.

I went to the movies today. I understand the majority of the film. IM quite happy.

Im not sure what im going to do with my life but maybe something with germany might be where im headed. But dont hold me to it.

Turkische Pizzas are one of the most delicious things i have eaten in this entire year. If your going to germany, make sure to hit up a Doner Laden and get some.

Im starting track next week! Its a good thing to because im really out of shape. I havent done much in the way of excercise this entire year. Im also continueing tennis! I also just got a 1 month free trial at our local gym! pretty cool!

My grades are up and down. I can never rely on myself to do good on a test. The past few weeks have been pretty good though. I'm dreading the next few weeks in school though. Ive got 2 hour tests in everyclass that i have. I dont know how im going to manage.

So i created an email because alot of kids that got the CBYX scholarship are stumbling upon this blog. So if you have any questions, email me at

I wasnt sure what to write about. so i simply wrote. give me ideas of something to write about.