Monday, July 6, 2009

so ist das leben

I'm sitting here watching Man vs Wild in german and I thought that I would write a blog post.
I have been pretty busy the last 2 months. I have done so many things and I cant really remember all of them. But my time here in germany is coming to an end. I only have about 10 days to go at the time of writeing this. I get a really weird feeling in my stomach when I think that ill be home soon! I have been gone for 10 months!uhh..its just weird....i know that I keep rambling on and saying the same thing..but I cant help it!

So ill just talk about some topics that you all might find interesting.

I am pleased with my language skills and my progression throughout the year. I understand pretty much everything said to me. I am now (finally) starting to grasp the terrible unmerciful German grammer. Im kind of disapointed that I didnt get it earlier... but it almost happened all at one. I had, in the words of Samuel L Jackson, a moment of clarity. Eine Moment der Erleuchtung. I literaly woke up one day and thought...oh! Now I get it! I still do make mistakes, but im much more confident when I speak.

Im also pleased with my school progess. I got an average of 2.27 on my report card... It goes from 1-6.. (1 best 6 worst) So I think I did pretty good! I ended up not failing any of my classes. It went as follows. Physics- 4, Politics – 3, Bio – 3, German – 2, Religion – 2, Math – 3, English – 1, Art -1, Gym – 2, History – 1, Chemistry – 3. So I'll continue into the 11th grade next year.

Germany Overall
Hmm. Well. Im glad I came here. I think ill even come back! I would love to be fluent in german, so I think that between highschool and college, I will make another exchange year. But im kind of stuck and im not sure wether I should do it again in germany, or in a spanish speaking country. Because then I could speak spanish! And experience another culture. But I have two years to think about so remember to check this blog ;)

These last few months have been really awesome though...especially this last month. Ive done so many things! I can really barley remember it now.

Here is some highlights.
My friends gave me a surprise going away party
Visited berlin again
BMX World Championchip
Saw Handel

And on top of that, I have been doing something almost everyday! Its really great just hanging out with friends, enjoying my last weeks ( and now days) in germany.
Das leben ist schön.

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Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you got to go to Germany, learn a new language and emmerse yourself in a different culture. Although I have to say it, your English has gotten a little bit worse. Like, "barley". Really? But I still think that's totally awesome and everything.