Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hi! I will only write in german. Maybe later, i will translate it if im not lazy. I think my german gramatic and sentence structure will be crappy. I find it hard because im dum!

I'm not fluent yet and its starting to annoy me! I try and try but it never gets better! I am here almost 5 months and i can't say everything! I hate it! I hope that when i come back to america, i can understand and say everything.

I will write about my hostfamily now. Thomas and SYlvia are my hostparents. They can both speak fluent english. ( and german of course) They are very nice. They both play golf and they are very good! I think that that is awesome!

Then comes Theresa. She is 18 and very cool! She was in Wisconsin for 1 year so she can speak fluent english also! She takes me (me? no idea) to partys sometimes. I think that it is very nice because she doesn't have to. Her boyfriend is Dave. He is very nice and funny. Hazzy is a big monkey. He is cool and cool and funny! But never the less, a big monkey. Hazadus!

Leo is my host brother and he speaks english too! But we speak only german together. He plays gold and a little Basketball. We are both in the 10th grade. He will fly to Panama next year.

I consider Christina and Stephanie like my host family too! Christina is always at the Leimbachs and i see her often. She can speak a little English and i think its very good. I dont see Stephanie very often because she has alot of work. But when i she her, its always fun. STEPH. We need to see Die Arzte in concert! That would be so cooooool. Yeah... Steph is also fluent in English because she was in America for 1 year. She is in Amireca now visiting her host family. Steph, you mst correct my deutsch because its aweful! You also need to write a post and when you come home, we can make a video!

OK! Ciao Tschuss! Aufwiedersehen! Bis Dann! HAB EUCH LIEB! you all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I finally got my german post up... In the next few days ill post a translation.
Ill also post some photos and tell about my weekend with AFS.


Hallo! Ich werde nur auf Deutsch schreiben. Vielleicht spaeter, werde ich es ubersetzen wenn ich nicht faul bin. ich denke mein Gramatik und Deutsch Setzaufbau werden scheisse sein. Ich finde es schwierig weil ich dumm bin.

Ich bin noch nicht fließend und es nerft mich!Ich versuche und ich versuche aber es geht nie besser! Ich bin hier fast 5 Monate und ich kann alles nicht sagen. Ich hasse es. Ich hoffe, wann ich weg gehe, kann ich alles verstehen und sagen.

Ich werde ueber meine Gastfamilie schreiben. Thomas und Sylvia sind meine Gasteltern. Sie koennen beide fliessend Englisch( und deutsch, natuerlich) sprechen. Sie sind sehr nett. Sie spielen viel Golf und sie sind sehr gut! Ich finde es ganz toll.

Dann kommt Theresa. Sie ist 18 und uebeltzt cool! Sie war shon in Wisconsin fuer ein Jahr. also sie kann auch fliessend Englisch sprechen. Sie nehmt mich (mir? keine ahnung) nach Partie manchmal. Ich finde es sehr cool weil sie nicht muess. Ihre Freund ist Dave. Er ist sehr nett and lustig. Hazzy ist ein grosse Affe. Er ist cool, geil und lustig! Aber trotzdem, ein grosse Affe. Hazadus!

Leo ist meinen Gastbruder und er spricht auch englisch! Aber wir sprechen nur Deutsch zusammen. Er spielt Golf and ein bisschen Basketball. Wir sind beide in zehnte klasse. Er wird nach Panama naechste Jahr fliegen.

Ich betrachte Christina und Stephanie wie meine Gastfamilie auch! Christina ist immer bei Leimbach und ich sehe sie oft. Sie kann ein bisschen English sprechen und ich finde es sehr gut! Ich sehe Steph nicht oft weil sie viel Arbeit hat aber wann ich sie sehe, Es ist immer lustig. STEPH. WIR MUSSEN DIE ARZTE IN CONZERT SEHEN. DAS WIRD UEBELTZT GEILLLLLLLL SEIN. Ja...... Steph ist auch fliessend in Englisch weil sie in Amerika fuer ein Jahr war. Sie ist in Amerika jetzt. Sie besucht ihre Gast familie. Steph, du musst mein Deutsch corrigieren bitte weil es sheisse ist! Du musst auch ein "Post" schreiben. und wann du zuruck bist, koennen wir ein Video aufnehmen! und wir konnen bis zum verlust der muttersprache...essen.

OK! Ciao Tschuss! Aufwiedersehen! Bis Dann! HAB EUCH LIEB!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Can i open the window please?"

Sooo. I haven't written a post in a while. Sorry about that. I went back to school last wednesday and i have been back in school for almost a week and a few days. I got a few grades back the past few days and they haven't been too bad. My grades won't actually start counting until february because that is when the 2nd half of the school year starts. I have been taking tests just to get used to them though... Im averaging a 3 which is almost like a C.... it goes 1-6 like A-E... I don't think thats too bad for not understanding everything on the test.

We switched from Trig to Geometry today in Math. I was almost understanding the trig before and now im completely lost with this new stuff. I'll let you know how everything turns out.

When it comes to the language, sometimes i have good days and sometimes i have bad days. Some days ill understand (almost) everything and i feel really good and i talk to lots of people and other days i cant understand anything and i dont talk to people in school. Once again, well see how it turns out.

At the end of the month, we have another 1 week holiday but im not sure why. But im going with my host family to Austria to ski in the ALPS! I'm sooooooo excited. i love skiing and im used to doing it every weekend( even if its only at frost) and i really miss it!

I started Tenis on Tuesday. I'm pretty bad but need something to do! I havent dont any sports since i came to germany! I have also started running! I will join Track and Field in April. I'm also thinking about running a 10K in Hanover which would be great. I really want to run a marathon too but i need alot of training for it. If anybody has trained for a marathon before and wants to give me a marathon training scheudule, email me! I would really appreciate it.

For everybody that has sent me letters and packages, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I really love everything little thing that i get. I'm trying to reply to the letters with other letters but its taking time. Keep your eyes on your mail for the next few months!

Ill post some pictures in the next few days!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Sometimes i use a translator to confirm that im right.....
othertimes....i use it cause its funny.

"hast du schonmal deutsche filme gesehen?"
translated to
"have you ever seen Canadian movies"